Main Contractor services

Measurement Services

We prepare full Builders Bill of Quantities based upon the information received at tender stage.

The Bills can be sent via. E-Mail in a trade-by-trade format ensuring that longest lead in items are issued the earliest ensuring that Suppliers / Sub-Contractors have the appropriate amount of time to prepare their most competitive quotations.

Tender, Programme and Preliminaries Preparation

We can provide a turn-key solution to tender estimation. Once the BoQ’s have been completed or issued to us a list of suitable Suppliers / Sub-Contractors will be drawn up to ensure that we are using the right people for the project.

We will issue full, detailed enquiries out to the Sub-Contractors / Suppliers fully detailing what we expect them to price and the contractual conditions upon which they would be required to operate within.

We will develop the Tender Programme in consultation with any specialist Sub-Contractors / Suppliers and ensure that any site restraints have been identified and appropriate time allowed with the programme.

We will compile a full set of preliminaries for insertion within the tender. We will identify any risks within the contract conditions, programme and/or on site and make due allowances for these. If any heavy site equipment is required, such as tower cranes, then quotations for these items will be sought. If a Bond is required, then the cost for providing one will be placed within this section. All of the preliminaries will be split between Fixed and Time Related items.

When all of the Supplier / Sub-Contractor quotations have been received, they will be tabulated and fully evaluated ensuring that they have been priced on a like-for-like basis. All clarifications / exclusions will be investigated and, if necessary, appropriate allowances made within the tender.

The tender will be fully completed and a tender adjudication meeting set up with the contractor to review the documents and any queries that you may have can be addressed.

Post Contract Services

If required, a full or part quantity surveying service is available upon contract award.

  • We can undertake the Valuations on your behalf and carry out detailed on-site measurements.
  • We can value the sub-contract works and ascertain the value of any materials on or off-site.
  • Prepare the Contract Documentation in either Standard or Bespoke forms, prepare the associated numbered documents and hold S/C pre-let meetings
  • Carry out value engineering services throughout the whole scheme
  • Identify and Value variations to the original tender
  • Monitor progress on site and prepare progress reports
  • Further develop the programme and ensure that it is being adhered to
  • Carry out cost reports detailing the profit and loss of the project on a monthly basis
  • Prepare Cash and Cost Flow Forecasts
  • Value any delays and prepare the necessary contractual notices and claims
  • Advice on any contractual disputes
  • Prepare the Final Account

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